Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christian Education Within the Walls of the Church

It would be completely nonsensical to talk about how Christians should respond to Education without mentioning the education within the Church. Right education begins by pointing people to the right source, which is the study of God’s Holy Word the Bible. A distorted view of scripture will inevitably lead to a completely diminished faith.
In numerous places throughout Psalms and Proverbs we find it said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How should we become wise? We should meditate on the words of the Lord day and night allowing them to transform our thinking as well as our hearts. Psalm 119 gives a well-constructed and in-depth reflection on God’s word, mentioning it countless times as the foundation of precepts of which we should set our feet upon. No verse more beautifully depicts the view we should have of God’s word than Psalm 119:105,“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
The Bible is the centerpiece and masterpiece of our growth in relationship with the creator God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Savior. It speaks to any and all situations providing us with the answers we need along the path of life. It forms our most basic theology as we channel our thoughts towards the person, character, and nature of God. Yet in today’s culture, many are so afraid to use the word “theology.” It’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many. While there are minor theological issues that should not be focused upon- there are major theological issues of which we must have agreement.
Yet, more than a few Christians if quizzed on the basic tenets of theology without studying in advance would not even come close to passing. Such a reality awakens us to the fact that the church is not answering its calling to be radically set apart with an attitude that confronts and demolishes the thought patterns that exalt themselves against the knowledge of Christ.
This is part two of the series on “How Christians should feel about education.” Again I want this to be a discussion that we can share our thoughts on and grow together sharpening one another in faith. The question to consider in this series of posts is “How can we as Christians inject truth back into a culture that has been so infiltrated with much deception and falsehood.” When the church does not answer its calling to inject truth back into the culture, it becomes infiltrated by the culture and the deception that goes along with it which brings only disease. In the words of the apostle Paul, that disease spreads like gangrene.
Listed below is my plan of navigation for the next two parts of this series which is on my heart to pursue over the next couple of months. I will try to post on this weekly. I invite and encourage all to participate in this discussion.
Part 3: The lack of Christian education within the walls of the church
Part 4: Bewitched by the mentality of the Medieval Catholic Church

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